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    Acquisition and sale of securities and other financial assetsPortfolio management making investment decisions on behalf of and for third parties (investment management)Administration of electronic mechanisms for trading funds shares (fund trading platforms)Administration of electronic mechanisms for disclosure of investment fund shares (fund information disclosure platforms)Calculation, determination and supply of updated prices for the valuation of securities and/or derivatives (supply of prices)Fundraising from the publicPurchase and sale of tickets, minted pieces and/or common metalsPurchase and sale of traveler's checks issued in foreign currencyBuying and selling of currenciesPurchase and sale of sight documents and payable in foreign currencyPurchase and sale of metal pieces minted in the form of a coinCarry out purchase, sale, repurchase and loan of securities, for its own account or for third parties, as well as international operations and international arbitration.Distribution of securitiesInvestment fund distributionDistribution and repurchase of securitiesCarry out operations with derivative financial instruments, for own account or for third parties.Issuance, administration, redemption and transmission of electronic payment funds.Study, analysis, opinion, evaluation on the credit quality of securities (securities rating)Securities brokerageIntermediation between people of the general public, in order that collective financing be granted between them.Financial intermediationProvide the service of financial advice or investment in securities, analysis and issuance of investment recommendations on an individual basis (financial advice and investment advisory in securities)Provide access to securities trading systems (indicate if they are stock or over-the-counter systems)Receive deposits in administration or custody, or in guarantee on behalf of third parties, of securities and in general of commercial documentsTransmission of national or foreign currency, among others.Valuation of securitiesOthers

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    Anonymous societyInvestment Promotion CompanyCivil societySimplified CorporationPhysical person with business activityIt is a project, it has not been legally established yetOther

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